Velox™ is the natural supplement made for professionnals
day-to-day high performances.

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With over 2 years of development to create the optimal formula, Velox is (from now on)
the only name professionals will have to remember when it comes to natural supplement enabling peak performances.

Approved by Health Canada
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Revered by Professionals
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We know that professionals have a busy schedule and that free time is very precious. Therefore, it shouldn’t be use to go buy a product at a brick and mortar location. That is why you can now order Velox online without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

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Velox Effects

Velox as been specially formulated to help professionals reach peak
performances and maintain them throughout the day without
the negative side effects of prescribed pills.

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To Experience the full benefits of Velox
it is recommended to take
2 capsules a day

For peak performances throughout the day, we recommend taking 2 capsules a day. One after breakfast to start the day on fire and the second one after diner to negate the “food crash” down and to keep your morning momentum going.

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Generally, professional who takes
Velox will feel “locked-in”, energized
and motivated once Velox takes effect.

In most cases, the effects of Velox will be felt 30 minutes
after the ingestion of the capsule and will last up to 3 hours.
Beneficial long term effects may also be felt after taking Velox for
an extended period of time. The professionnal will then naturally
feel more energized and focus.

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Our Health Canada approved formula is exclusively made out of natural ingredients and is the ideal solution
for professionals in search of high intellectuals performances.

What do Professionals Say?

“Velox helps me stay focused and awake in my classes, giving me the opportunity to continue to give the maximum every day. It’s the perfect combination with my active lifestyle. I can keep getting up early to go to the gym and go to bed late to do my readings.”

John, Droit, UdeS

“For several months, I consumed Velox regularly and the effects on my daily life are quite impressive. The most revealing aspect for me is mostly at the level of motivation and concentration, it is easier to perform small tedious tasks and study for long periods.”

Nicolas, Admin, UQTR

“When I was at university, Velox allowed me to have a better concentration both in my scholar and professional life. I am now a bachelor and still take Velox every morning before going to work to perform well without being tired.”

Geneviève, Relations Industrielles, UdeM

“I used to drink a lot of coffee. It allowed me to always be on point when I needed it. But coffee brought many side effects: bad breath, heartburn, headaches, heart palpitations and an incredible down. That’s why I decided to replace coffee by Velox, which provides all the same effects (and more!), but without the negative effects.”

Jérémie, Génie Bâtiment, ÉTS

“Initially, I did not really believe in Velox. Now it has been several months since I am taking 2 Velox pills every morning before work. I work in restoration and since I have been taking it, I have a great ease to concentrate in my commands and in my tasks. It’s a good surplus of energy! No more coffee for me it’s Velox that suits me.”

Maryse, Psychoéducation, UdeM

“I am currently studying law and have a lot of reading to do on a regular basis. Long sessions of reading can sometimes be sleepy and I sometimes lose the thread after a while. After beginning to take Velox at the beginning of my second session, I found that my concentration and memorization had increased significantly during my reading. This has been translated into better results in my examinations as well as in a faster understanding of the different legal books read, to name only two examples.”

David, Droit, UQÀM


Velox is ideal to help you get your work done under stressful situations.

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